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Lustre Pearl (Rainey) Bars

94 Rainey Street
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Happy Hour Specials for Lustre Pearl (Rainey) at Rainey Street in Austin, TX

Lustre Pearl, a cornerstone on Rainey Street, has long symbolized the spirited and eclectic vibe Austin is renowned for. This iconic spot anchored the development of the Rainey Street District and continues to draw in a diverse clientele, from professionals to hipsters, embodying the city's quirky essence​. Since its inception in 2009, Lustre Pearl was the pioneer in transforming residential spaces into lively venues on Rainey Street, setting a precedent for the bustling bar scene the area is known for today​​.

The establishment itself boasts multiple levels and bars within, providing ample space for patrons to mingle and enjoy a laid-back night out or an animated day drinking session. The aesthetic of Lustre Pearl is a blend of nostalgic and contemporary, with its backyard benches, mason jar lights strung through the trees, and an overall ambiance reminiscent of a transformed house. Yet, it's the modern twist of a bustling bar scene that makes Lustre Pearl a staple in Austin's nightlife​​.

Situated firmly on the corner of Driskill and Rainey Street, Lustre Pearl stands as a testament to the revitalized, formerly residential district now known for its vibrant nights. Whether you're there for the camaraderie, the cool ambiance, or just a chilled beer in a mason jar, Lustre Pearl embodies a slice of Austin's laid-back yet lively ethos, making it a must-visit spot on Rainey Street​​.


Monday - Friday from Open-8pm

  • Drinks
    $8 Frozens, $2 Off Drafts , $4 Lone Star
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Open Hours

  • Monday 2pm - 2am
  • Tuesday 2pm - 2am
  • Wednesday 2pm - 2am
  • Thursday 2pm - 2am
  • Friday 12pm - 2am
  • Saturday 11pm - 2am
  • Sunday 12pm - 2am

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